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“I think it’s a really great book with really good characters.  I liked Holly, she is the same age as me and loves the pony Drum, I’ve got one called Poppy.  Holly has an annoying brother too.  Also it has a very scary baddy in it and I loved how it flipped between the past and modern day.”
Shonagh Milven (13)



Galloway Gossip M cropAs a child I loved books like The Owl Service and House at Green Knowe, and this is in that vein- stories where the past and present mix, with some frightening results. There is a strong female lead (always a good thing) but with a main boy character too. It is strongly rooted in a place with vivid descriptions which lend credence to a story which might otherwise seem too fantastical. As an adult reader I had some reservations about the contemporary settings and the adult characters but these were soon forgotten in the desire to find out what happens. Short chapters as well as the strong plot make this a very easy read, and while there is genuine menace it isn’t gruesome, and a satisfactory resolution is reached. For this reason I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it for younger readers, but older teens, especially reluctant readers will not find it ‘patronising’ (the worst possible insult!)
Madlentileater (via Amazon)

Galloway Gossip B crop“I downloaded it and started to read. I know it’s intended for children, but I was immediately ‘hooked’.”
Marilyn Elliott (Moffat Book Events)




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“I read this on Kindle and wasn’t sure if I’d like it or not.  But it was really gripping and original.  The time travel in this book is different from other ones I’ve read because it happens unexpectedly and causes trouble for Holly and Callum.  It’s quite scary and I would recommend it.”
Dougie (12)



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“Well I finally read it and it is enchanting- literally!  Important things first (visual artist here!) -I loved the jacket design and the little woodcuts scattered throughout.

Great characters – very believable – and you obviously did your research on horse husbandry and temperament (or was it personal experience?-my boys had a pony called Pickles who was just as single-minded and willful as Drum!)….And also on the Ursari – did they really exist? I found them intriguing.  I loved the ‘Darkment knife’ – so sinister sounding and the evil Dr Sliddery was as ghastly as his name implied…”
Lyn Milner

Galloway Gossip L crop“I’ve just finished reading my Kindle version of this. In spite of it being for children from 9-12, it had me absolutely riveted until I finished it.
A really memorable book which should, apart from giving them ‘a really good read,’ spark endless discussion and inspire youngsters to write their own stories.”
Machars Muse (via Amazon)  

And more reviews on Amazon.  Please take a look 🙂


3 Responses to Reviews

  1. Jamie Dedes says:

    I seem never to grow-up. Always ready for a good YA novel.

  2. Jean Atkin says:

    Thanks Jamie! (And did you check it out?) The paperback edition will be out soon…

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