About the author

Jean AtkinAJF_JEAN ATKIN The Crow House launch doc wrote ‘The Crow House’ because Wigtown’s wide street, Georgian bookshops and blue estuary began to inhabit her imagination and wouldn’t go away.  Soon people began to appear: a girl leading a pony through a snowy graveyard; a dangerous man in a cold room, scratching on parchment with a black quill; a boy opening a worn old door that led straight into a pine forest that shouldn’t be there…




Jean is an establisCROW 5hed freelance writer and a published and award-winning poet (her first collection is ‘Not Lost Since Last Time, from Oversteps Books).  She is also a member of NAWE, and works as a writer in education.

Jean runs lively workshops inspired by
‘The Crow House’ with the help of her taxidermied Crow…


You can find out more at www.jeanatkin.com

The fabulous drawing of the crow on the front cover was done by New York artist Alex Stone.